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Tescom offers three different calibration types for your test equipment. Level 3, Level 2, and Level 1.

  • Level 3 – For a Level 3 calibration your unit is tested against NIST traceable standards to ensure that it can meet OEM specifications. Once testing is completed you will be issued a NIST traceable certificate, no data will be provided with a level 3 calibration with the exception of any points that are found out of tolerance. This is by far our most frequently requested calibration type.
  • Level 2 – For a level 2 certificate you will receive the same level of testing as a level 3. Once testing is completed you will again be issued a NIST traceable certificate that will include all data points that were tested. This calibration type is typically requested by customers that need the data to calculate the values into their final measurements.
  • Level 1 – A level 1 calibration is a full 17025 accredited calibration of your equipment. This level of calibration includes full data and measurement uncertainties for every accredited test point. This level of calibration is primarily chosen by customers that need to use the uncertainty data in their processes.

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