Thermoprobe Portable Stem Thermometers Calibration

Thermoprobe Portable Stem Thermometers Calibration

By Jerry L. Eldred

Here are a few basic details about the Thermoprobe Temperature Probes:

These intrinsically safe portable stem thermometers are highly accurate field instruments used in oil and gas industries and other chemical and petrochemical industries by service personnel. They are intended to be used anywhere a precision liquid-in –glass thermometer is used.  They can be used in hazardous and extreme environments, and are still very accurate.

Tescom Calibration can provide high quality calibrations even to the most accurate models.  We are also able to provide ISO17025 Accredited calibrations on many of the models (details available upon request).

Models we can support:  TL1-A, TL1-R, TL1-W, TL3, TL3-A, TL3-R, TL3-W, TP7-D, TP9-A.

KEY INDUSTRIES THAT MIGHT USE THEM: Oil refineries, Natural Gas Refineries, Oil tanker, ships, rail cars, barges, petroleum analysis laboratories, oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines.

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