About Us

Our History

Our parent company Tescom, founded in 1982, has been serving the Telecommunications industry for 40 years, and manufactures and services a variety of electronic test equipment. Major calibration and corporate milestones can be found below:

1982 – Tescom opens a test equipment repair service center that supports the telecom industry exclusively for 25 years.

2007 – Recognizing customer needs for quality instrument calibration, Tescom Calibration opened an ISO17025 accredited electronic and physical/dimensional laboratory with a primary focus on the telecommunications industry.

2012 – Tescom acquired the former Motorola (Freescale) Semiconductor calibration laboratory in Austin, Texas, leading to enough growth over the years to become the leading commercial calibration service provider in Central Texas.

2014 – Tescom Calibration placed an embedded lab in a customer facility in San Antonio, Texas, then moved into a permanent facility in 2015 as the customer base in San Antonio increased in size.

2019 – Tescom acquired Applied Instruments, a satellite and broadband test equipment manufacturer located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

2021 – Tescom acquired Naptech, a leading refurbished test equipment supplier and service center located in Kelseyville, California.

2022 – Tescom moved all Austin operations into a single facility on the North edge of Austin in Cedar Park. The new location houses a 17025 accredited calibration lab, corporate HQ, and test equipment/power supply repair operations.

Operating Principles

In all of our businesses, Tescom operates under three guiding principles:

  • We provide the services our customers need.
  • We perform these services with the highest quality standards.
  • We give the customer exceptional value.

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