Load Cell Calibration

Load Cell Calibration

TesCom Calibration & Consulting’s well equipped ISO17025 Accredited calibration laboratory is staffed with experienced metrology professionals and a comprehensive set of Physical, Dimensional and Mechanical laboratory standards. We calibrate load cells using industry accepted methods to assure that your instruments are certified to fully meet their specifications.

Our turnaround time is one week or less.

We can certify the following:

Compression- 1,000 to 80,000 lbs. (In-house Only)

Tension- 1,000 lbs (In-House Only).

Load Cells

  • Force & Pressure Sensors
  • Truck & Aircraft Weighing Scales
  • Hydraulic & Tension Force Gauges
  • Tension & Compression Dynamometers

Turnaround time is one week or less

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